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6 Steps To Improve The Domain Authority

6 Steps To Improve The Domain Authority

How To Improve The Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority (DA): Domain authority is a metric which demonstrate the ranking or authority of the website. Having higher domain authority results in getting the traffic through organic ways and good chances of ranking high in the search results/search engines. Today we”ll share some points how to Improve the domain authority
Domain Authority is developed by moz through which websites are ranked by providing them the rating from 0 – 100. Moz calculates the domain authority by considering several aspects and the data they have about the website.

How Moz calculates the domain authority:

Moz calculates the domain authority by considering several aspects, some of them are mentioned below.

• No of incoming links pointing to the website.
• Quality of the incoming links.
• Relevancy of the incoming links.
• Quality of website content.
• Social signals related to the website ( popularity of your domain on social media sites).
• Seo performance of your website in general.

How to check the Domain Authority of the website: 

There are several tools available through you can check the domain authority of the website. One of my favorite tool is MOZ OPEN SITE EXPLORER .

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How To Improve The Domain Authority Through Legit Ways :

1: Off Page Seo: links of the website, your website link profile is very essential part of off page Seo. It is always been seen that the websites who have higher DA profile links tends to rank higher as compare to those who don’t have good link profile.

Strong link profile includes:

• Incoming links from high Domain Authority websites.
• No low quality links.
• Links from different and unique domains.
• Incoming links come from related websites
We can Acquire the good quality links through various activities like Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Guest Posting, Forum Submission and many other.

2: On page Seo: On page optimization is as important as off page optimization. On page optimization refers to optimizing your webs-pages and content.

On page Seo includes:

• Optimizing the website titles and description.
• Proper use of H1 and H2 headings within your content.
• Optimizing the website images, video and other media.
• Improving the url structure and optimixing the permalinks.
• Using the keywords within your content naturally.

3: Improving your Technical Seo: Working on your technical Seo is as important as other tasks. Technical Seo consist of several low level tasks which are mentioned below.

• Register your website on Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.
• Create your website XML Sitemap and submit it to Google.
• Transferring your website to Https.

4: Make your website mobile friendly: Making your website mobile friendly is very important now a days as most of the users use the mobile to access the internet. You can check that your site is mobile friendly or not by using Google mobile friendly test. Google will provide you report regarding your website that how you can make your website mobile friendly.

5: Boost your page speed: Improving your page speed is a must do thing as it will help you to improve your Domain Authority and provide a good user experience to the website visitors which can lead to increased sales and signups.

Tips to improve the page speed:

• Keep you plugins updated.
• Remove the unwanted plugins.
• Optimize the images and other media elements of your website.
• Always use streaming service for videos

6: Working on Social Signals: It is always been seen that the websites and web-pages that tends to have more likes, comments, shares and tweets will rank high in the search result and have higher Domain Authority.

• Build your website page on Facebook, interact with them and try to increase the followers.
• Ensure that you have social media sharing buttons so that visitors can share your content on their social accounts.


These activities are the answer to the question that How To Improve The Domain Authority, which most of the people’s ask. Improving your domain authority is not an easy task and cannot be done overnight, so you need to be patient as it takes some time for Google and moz to evaluate the website data.


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