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Best Nude Beaches In The World

Best Nude Beaches In The World

Most of the peoples loves to spend time on the beach like taking sunbath, enjoying with family and spending some quality time with your loved ones. Peoples like to spend their weekends at the beaches. Today we are going to talk about the best nude beaches in the world. Some peoples still thinks bad about the idea of Nude beaches but some are agree with it.

Because taking out your clothes on the beach where other peoples are also available makes some peoples uncomfortable but some people have no problem with it.
Everybody likes to feel the breeze of beach touching their body; in many parts of the world nude beaches are completely legal. There are a large number of people who likes to enjoy the beach naked.

Now a days the idea of nude beaches are getting very popular, every time a new nude beach popping up every year. Today we are going to share the 15 best nude beaches in the world.

Lady Bay Beach, Sydney, Australia: Lady bay beach is also known as Lady Jane Beach, this beach granted the legal status in 1976. Australia is the home of a large number beaches, it has more than 10,000 beaches right now.

Their are several official nude beaches available in Australia like Lady bay. Rocky ledges available at the south head can be used for nude sunbathing purpose. It is located just inside the South Head of Sydney Harbor.

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Black Beach, La Jolla, California: It is one of the best nude beaches in the world ,Black’s beach at California was once the only legally granted nude beach available in the US.

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It is located underneath 100 meter high cliff of torrey wines. You can reach the Black’s beach via zig zag ho chi minh trail that is located near the California university, San Diego.

Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada: Wreck beach is one of the longest nude beach in the world, wreck beach is 7.8 km long. You can find a series of pebbles, sandy strands and rocky outcrops at Wreck beach.

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It is beautiful beach surrounds with trees around the shore. It is located near the University of British Columbia due to which a large number of students teachers came to this beach since the early 1970.

Anse De Grande Saline, St Barts: Carribian is a place where you can find and enjoy a large number of beaches. It is located on the back side of St Barts. Anse De Grande Saline is one of the places available on the islands where nudity in public is allowed.
You can enjoy a great time here on this beach but don’t forget to bring the things that you need including sunscreen. There is French restaurant available near this beach known as L’Esprit make sure to visit this restaurant as it is worth visiting.

Red Beach, Crete, Greece: Red beach at crete is an amazing place for the people who loves nude sunbathing, it is called red beach due to the color of sand and cliffs. You can reach red beach via matala by 15 – 20 minutes of hiking, if you dont want to hike then you opt for the alternate option of boat ride from waterfront village.

Platja Des Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain: Platja des Cavaller is a beautiful beach located between the deep blue Mediterranean and different colored salt pans close to southernmost point ibiza. This beach is divides into a number of different sections such as a gay scene, beach club party section and the section where people can enjoy beach without clothes. Platja des cavallet is also famous for flamingos; you can watch groups of flamingos gather on this beach.

Cap d’Agde Beach, France: It is the world largest optional clothing beach and resort, on high season it attracts more then 40,000 visitors a day.

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This beach is a paradise for the peoples who like stay naked as you can wander naked wherever you want such as restaurants or stores. Cap d’agde beach sometimes also called as naked city.

Mpenjati Beach, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: Mpenjati beach is only nude beach of south Africa where you wander naked, it is situated in the Mpenjati nature reserve in the south of Durban south Africa.
Mpenkati beach attained the nude beach status in 2014, bit still there are some do and don’t do’s that you need to follow like: No Photography, No staring at other naked

Neve Midbar, North Dead Sea, Israel: Neve Midbar is situated at the northern end of the dead sea.

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It is basically a private resort that has a shoreline which is set aside for the people who lies to stay nude at the beach.
Neve Midbar might be the only place available in the Middle East that allows public nudity.

Praia Massarandupió, Bahia, Brazil: It is also one of the best nude beaches in the world. Naturist beach is a paradise for nude beach goers as it lets the people wander nude. It is located in the north of salvador, beach is in the distance of 1 km walk from the parking lot besides the shoreline. It is a beautiful beach surrounds with rolling dunes and coconut palms.


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