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Google Sandbox Its Effects And How Long It lasts

Google Sandbox Its Effects And How Long It lasts

What Is Google Sandbox And How It Effects Your website

Whenever someone create a new website and do best of their abilities to rank their website but still due to some reasons he wont get the results he/she wanted. Then a thing comes to the mind that their is something working behind the scenes (Google sandbox). In order to decrease the spamming and to keep the best results on top. Google sometimes hold back the new websites to analyze the website.

What Google Sandbox actually is

Google Sandbox is a filter which is imposed on the new websites working to get into the search results. Google designed the Sandbox to prevent them from ranking specially if the website keyword are highly competitive, until the website gets more established and google can analyze what the we site is all about.

Google adopted this technique to reduce the spamming. As we all know a large no of websites launched everyday and some of them try to manipulate the search engine to get more click through spamming and other techniques. Google doesn’t want to rank/show these type of websites to the search results due to which Google imposed this Sandbox.

Existence of Google Sandbox:

Although it is not been confirmed by google that they imposed any filter to the new websites, but still their is something which holds back the new websites yo rank in the search results until they prove the website to be worthy enough to be displayed in the search results.

How long Google Sandbox last:

Although it is not been confirmed by anyone that how long Google Sandbox lasts but it can last to six months maximum.

Duration of Google Sandbox depends on some factor:

• Your website niche.
• Keywords that your targetting.
• Content of your website.

The best you can do is try to get the low ckmpetition keywords, so yoh can get out of tge Google Sandbox sooner. But if you are using black hat technique then you might be in the sandbox for longer time.

How to avoid Google Sandbox:

Though no one can guarantee you that you can avoid the sandbox but still their are some things that you can do to reduce the time of Google sandbox.

• Reexamine and analyze your website and make sure that you are using white hat techniques.
• Build quality links pointing to your website as it is a very important activity. Make sure you make the Do Follow and No follow links in the right proportion.
• Keep updating your website with good content and try to add the new content daily.
• Make you that you use sitemap.xml file and robot.txt file so that google crawels can crawl your website and index it properly.


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