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How To Become a Successful Blogger | Complete Guide

How To Become a Successful Blogger | Complete Guide

“How to become a successful blogger” it is a question that every new blogger think before/after starting blogging. To become successful in blogging you need to consider a lot of things. Huge number of blogs and websites makes their debut everyday, but most of them end up unsuccessful.

Around 75% of the blogs don’t even touch the 5000 monthly visitors mark due to various reasons. Today we are going to share some factor that will definitely help you to answer this widely asked question “How to become a successful blogger”.


16 Tips on How to Become a Successful Blogger


1. Blog Post Frequency: Most of the blogger faces the fluctuation in the ranking due to this factor. So It is recommended to post on your blog on daily basis, so you won’t face this issue. But if you are a part time blogger who rarely finds time to post on your blog then it is advised to blog at least twice a week.

2. Blog Post Length:

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Long but informative article’s are always preferred so you should write long article (more then 2000+ words) keep your article informative yet entertaining, use media files like images, videos and info-graphics in your blog posts so the visitors won’t get bored. Providing good user experience is very essential to keep the user on your blog/website.

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3. Paragraph Length: Blog post readability is also an important factor, None of the users would like to read 8- 10 lines paragraph, if you are doing this then their is 80 – 90% chance that your visitor will jump to another site for the same information. So it recommended to keep your paragraph to 4 lines. If you are using word press platform with Yoast Seo then you must be aware of it that it also displays readability indicator that the readability is good or not.

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4. Social Media: Social media plays an essential role in promoting your content. Now a days people spend more time on social then before to make their online presence more stronger.Make sure to open your account on famous social media platform and try to post at least 1 post daily on every social media platform.

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5. Engaging with your Visitors: By responding to your blog comments is a good way to engage with your visitors. So it is recommended to reply to all the comments that you get on your blog or your social media channels in this way you make a trust and good relation with your visitors which often leads to regular visits to your blog.

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6. User Suggestion: User’s suggestion is always very important because It is the users who can tell you that what is wrong with your blog/website. So if any user provides any suggestion then you should consider it because user’s experience matters a lot. You must make your blog/website user friendly as much as possible.

7. Make it Easier for Users to Contact You: It is important that your visitors can easily contact you weather if they want to provide you any type of suggestion or if they have any query. So your blog must contain a easily available contact form so that your visitors won’t face any difficulty to get in touch with you.

8. Learn Some Basic Seo: Seo plays an essential role in defining the answer of “How to become a successful blogger”. Seo is an important factor when it comes to become a successful blogger now a days. With the help of seo you can easily optimize your blog and blog post, so that search engine can provide some value to your blogs and rank it in their search results.

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9. Collect Email for Newsletter: Collecting Email is a good idea which can further be used in the Email marketing. You should add a newsletter signup form (telling them to subscribe to your blog) which will collect visitors email whenever someone visits your blog and fills the form. By doing this you can send your subscribers periodically newsletters or any product if you have.

10. Use Only High Quality Images: Always use High quality, royalty free images on your blog to maintain the good quality of your blog. There are various websites that provides free HD and royalty images e.g PIXABAY.COM PEXELS.COM. If you are using blurry or low quality images on your blog, then you should stop doing this right now as it provides bad user experience to the visitors.

11. Content: Content is one of the most important part of “How to become a successful blogger”. As most of the people know “Content is the king” when it comes to blogging. You should write good quality and informative content to keep your users engaged with your blog. Content should be of 2000+ words, use media files to keep the users interest in the blog post.

12. Advertising Network: Google Ad sense and are two of the best advertising networks available right now. So it is recommended that you use either Ad sense or as both of these advertising networks pays good amount, none of the other advertising network pays better then these networks.

13. Let Your Audience Know You: It is recommended that you must add “About Us” page on your blog. By doing this you provide an opportunity to your users to know more about you. It also makes and improves the trust factor between you and your users. Trust leads to more sales if you have any product for them.

14. Important Pages You Must Add on Your Blog: There are some that you must add on your blog/website.

  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions

These pages are important in terms of various factors. If your blog have these pages then your users and a advertisers can contact you without any problem and you can earn good amount of money.

15. Be Polite and Friendly with Your Users: It is an important factor in terms of user’s engagement, always be friendly with your users. if you ever talk rude to your users then no one is going to like you and you will lose your visitors.

16. Always Provide a Conclusion at the End: If you are discussing or comparing anything then don’t forget to provide an conclusion at the end of the article. Users are always keen to know the conclusion after all is the part that every visitor wants to read.


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