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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website | Complete Guide

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website | Complete Guide

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website, A website cannot be called a successful website until it has great traffic. Website traffic plays an essential role to make a we site being called successful. If your website received good traffic then it is a very good chance for generating good amount of revenue through various sources. But increasing the traffic to a we site is an easy as it looks. We need to apply various strategies and sometimes need to spend some money for generating the traffic. Today we are going to share how to drive traffic to your website.

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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Social Media:

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Everybody knows the power of social media, know a day’s every business whether it small or big is available on social media and want to increase their presence. Today’s youth spends various hours on social media. Creating a good content is not to increase the traffic on your website, but by using social media platforms you can easily promote your website content so that it can be viewed by the users which lead to increase in the website traffic.

Advertising: In the beginning you need to advertise your website to promote it. Several Social media platforms paid advertising services which displays your blog posts or ads in exchange of some money. It is also a great to attract the visitors and increase the traffic. Choose your social media advertising platform very carefully as every social media platform has its own pro and cons.

Use Irresistible Titles: Titles/headlines plays an important role in this, it is the titles that most of the users looks at when they search something. Your website/blog content must have an irresistible titles which attracts the user to click on it. Even the well written content which do not have compelling titles can go unread. So your should use a irresistible headline on every blog post to attract the users which leads to increase in the traffic.

On-Page Seo: On page seo plays an important role in the development and success of a website. With the help On page seo you optimize your website content for the search engines which is a must thing to do.
• Internal Linking
• Using Image Alt Text
• Meta Titles
• Meta Description

Website Speed: Speed of a website is also an important factor when it comes to traffic. Most of the time if a website takes more then 5 – 7 seconds to open, user prefers to move to the other website with a better website speed. So you must take this point seriously as it can increase/decrease the traffic of your website.
• Uninstall the unnecessary Plugins (for wordpress users)
• Use low size yet good images
• Improve your website page structure

Mixing it up: Although it is not guaranteed that what type of content attracts the more traffic. But changing/mixing the format of the blog posts can helps sometimes.
• Change the length of the content.
• Make your content user friendly, which makes it easier to read to different types of users.
• Use different media files like videos and info graphics as they are easy to understand.


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