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Easy Ways To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Easy Ways To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages

How to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages is the question that most of the peoples ask when they see deleted messages on the chat with someone. Whatsapp is the best instant messaging application available now a days. Whatsapp changed the way of instant messaging.

A lot of new features has been introduced in the whatsapp in the recent times. One of the features that caught headlines is that “Delete For Everyone” which was launched on November 1 that lets you deleted your messages from the chat e.g if you have mistakenly sanded something that you don’t want to send or you sanded the wrong message to the person within seven minutes of sending of message.

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However some peoples and a blog post by a Spanish blogger “Android Jefeusers” claims that the deleted whatsapp messages can still be read by the android users who are using Android Nougat 7.0 or higher versions, you just need to download a third party app from the “Play Store” named as “Notification History” this app let you read the deleted whatsapp messages.

But this app only lets you read the deleted text messages, deleted images videos or other media files cannot be undone by using this. After downloading this third party app, it lets you read the “Deleted Whatsapp Messages” in the Android Notification Log. Messages that we delete are also stored in the “Notification Register” of the Android System. Third party app “Notification History” is a simple shortcut to the records of the notification messages that we receive.

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Limitation of Viewing the Deleted Messages

  • Only the first 100 characters of the deleted whatsapp message can be read.
  • You can only retrieve the message for which you have receive the notification.
  • Messages are stored in the notification log for few hours.
  •  You can read the deleted messages after restarting your device.

Now most of the peoples know “How to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages“, you should be more alert while sending your text messages as it can be seen even you delete it.


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