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Pre Workout Meal | Complete Guide

Pre Workout Meal | Complete Guide

Either it is Pre Workout Meal or post workout meal both of it is very essential to get good amount of muscles. Your daily diet plays an important role if you want to gain some solid muscles. Pre workout meal is necessary as it provides you enough energy and protein for a good workout. List of the pre workout meal is long enough, but today we’ll share some of the best meals.

Benefits of Pre Workout Meal

Energy: Pre workout meal provides you enough energy for your training session. Our body use the glycogen and carbs as the source of the energy.

Protects From Muscle Catabolism: During the training session or we exercise glycogen available in our body reduces quickly due to which our body looks for another source of energy. Our body then uses our muscles by breaking them down, so our body uses amino acids to provide energy.

Muscle growth: when we eat/consume protein during our exercise/workout, it slowly releases the amino acids into our bloodstream, which helps to promote the protein synthesis, which certainly helps to improve the muscle growth.

Pre Workout Meal Timing

You should consume the pre workout diet 30 – 60 min before the workout or 2 – 3 hours before the exercise. If you are eating the pre workout diet 30 min – 1 hour before the workout then you need to eat some light food that provides protein and normal carbohydrates.
If you are eating the 2 – 3 hours before the exercise then you needs to consume the meal which provides you at least 400 – 500 calories, it should be complex low carbohydrates food and it should have good amount of protein.

Best Pre Workout Meal for Muscle Gain

Cottage cheese with fruits:

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Due to the nutrients and protein it provides, Cottage cheese is considered as one the best source of protein. Cottage cheese contains 14 grams of protein, 117 calories, carbohydrates 13 grams and 0.1 grams of fat. You can make it more healthy and delicious by adding some blueberries or melons that provides Vitamins, minerals and good antioxidant that helps in workout. Consume cottage cheese before 30 minutes – 1 hours before the workout.

Whole eggs:

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Like cottage cheese while eggs also considered as complete food for building muscles. It is an ideal food for breakfast and for the peoples who prefers to go gym early in the morning. A single whole egg contains the 9 – 13 grams of protein. Whole eggs have 100 biological values, biological value is a value that measures the proteins ability used by our body. Eat the whole eggs at least 30 minutes before the workout.

Greek yogurt:

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Greek yogurt is originally made from the simple yogurt by removing the whey that results in more creamier and thicker yogurt called Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt provides 14 grams of protein, 173 calories, 28 grams of carbohydrates and 0.5 grams of fat. Greek yogurt almost provides double protein as compare to the normal yogurt has fewer carbohydrates. Always prefer plain greek yogurt, flavored yogurt contains excess amount of sugar due to which it is recommended. Beat time to consume is 30 minutes before the workout.

Protein bars:

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Protein bars is a easily portable source of protein, you can easily carry it in your pocket. It is one of the most convenient source of pre workout snack. Always choose the protein bar that has at least 15 grams protein. As it is easily portable you can carry/eat it anywhere you want. But it is recommended to eat it before 30 min – 1 hours of workout.


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Continuous flow of energy is very essential during the workout, oatmeal is a brilliant source of soluble fiber and complex carbohydrates that provides continuous flow of energy during your workout. Oats are rich in Vitamin B which is also known for converting the carbohydrates into energy. You can make your oatmeal more healthy and delicious by adding some fruits into it.


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