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Natural Protein Smoothies

Natural Protein Smoothies

High Protein Natural Smoothies To Bulk Up

Getting an adequate amount of protein is very essential if you want to build good muscles. Protein is the source which helps your body to bulk up. A lot powdered protein’s are available in the market now a days which claims to bulk you up in short period of time. But their are many peoples available who don’t like the taste of protein powder or don’t have the budget to buy it. But their is an alternate available to this, you can make Protein Smoothies from natural ingredients. Consuming protein smoothies Pre and post the workout is for for our body. Inducing these things into your smoothies will definitely change the way you look at smoothies earlier.

Natural Protein Smoothies

Cottage cheese:

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Cottage cheese provide 14 grams of protein per half cup of serving. As we all know cheese is good for our health too. You can add cottage cheese in your Pre and post workout smoothies to change its taste and it provides a good amount of protein too.

Chickpeas: Chickpeas also provide good amount of protein if consumed in the right quantity. Chickpeas are not only for hummus. Chickpeas provide 5 grams of proteins per half cup of serving, which is not bad. If you consume Half cup of chickpeas induced in your smoothie in the morning it will helps you to keep your morning hunger in control.

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• Wash and drain the chickpeas well before blending it.

Pumpkin Seeds: Different types of seeds can be used to increase the protein in the smoothies. Pumpkin seeds provide 5 grams of protein in 2 tablespoon. But when it comes to using seeds in the smoothies, most of the peoples prefers to use flex and hemp seeds in the protein smoothies.

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Pumpkin Seeds

But pumpkin seeds provides almost the same protein benefits that flex seeds does. Pumpkin seeds provides healthy fats, protein and fibers.

Whole Grain Rolled Oats: Most of the peoples prefers to include oats in the diet due to its benefits. Whole grain rolled oats provide 5 grams of protein per half cup of serving. You can use oats in the smoothies to.

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• Just blend some oats and add it into your Smooothie.


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Ricotta also provide a good amount of protein as cottage cheese does. Ricotta provides almost 15 grams grams of protein in half cup of serving. Ricotta is rich in various protein and by adding this you can make your smoothie even more tastier.

Note: Add some milk or water if smoothie gets thicker by adding ricotta.

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