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5 Secret Whatsapp Tricks You Must Know

5 Secret Whatsapp Tricks You Must Know

In the recent times Whatsapp have introduced several new features and some them are still unknown by most of the users. So today we are going to share some secret whatsapp tricks you must know. Whatsapp is one of the best instant messaging platform right now which handles a large of messages on daily basis. Whatsapp has over 1.5 billion active users worldwide and this numbers are still growing at an amazing rate. Whatsaap always try to make the app more and more user friendly so that the users wont find any difficulty to use it.

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You Can Read The Received Messages But Still Blue Tick Wont Appears: It is one of the best secret whatsapp tricks you must know about, Yes you heard it right, you can do this in your whatsapp settings. Whenever we send a message to someone it displays a tick when the other user read it. But if you don’t like this feature then you can disable this feature from your whatsapp settings. To disable this feature you need to do these settings:
• Open settings
• Go to Accounts
• Now go to Privacy
• Read Receipts

One disadvantage of enabling this feature is, if you do this you also wont be able to see if your message has been read or not.

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Undo or Delete a Sended Message: It is one of the secret whatsapp tricks you must know, Recently whatsapp introduced one of the biggest features known as “Delete For Everyone” that can be used delete the sended message. Delete For Everyone feature is introduced on November 2017 which lets the users delete the sended messages which they might have sended accidently. However this features has some time limit to undo/delete the message.

Bookmarking Messages: This feature might not be that famous but still it is very useful features that whatsapp has. By using this feature you can bookmark any of the message from any chat with the help of this feature. The bookmarked message will be highlighted with a star so you can refer the message any time you want.

Sharing Your Current Location: As its name refers you can use this feature to share your current location with your friends and family. To use this feature user need to open open the chat of the person with whom he/she wants to share the location, then select “Share Live Location” this will send your location to your selected friends.

Know About Your Data Collection: Information collection of the users by the companies has become a big concern in the recent times. If you want to know that what data of your has been collected by whatsapp, then you can check it easily by using “Account Info Report” feature. This features lets you know the information collected by whatsapp. To check this you need to follow these options Settings > Account Info > Request Account Info.
Note: It does not contain the conversation details


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